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Astrology News Report is a 3-part Weekly Video Blog of Astrology and Current Events. The report is a conversation between two Astrologers, David Anton Savage and Ron Berger, discussing the News of the Week, and relating it all to the planetary patterns in the zodiac. The conversation is illustrated with photos from the week’s news along with the relevant Astrology Charts. Viewers can keep track of how the positions of the planets in the Heavens manifest as events on Earth. Each week on Astrology News Report dot com, we also do an analysis of the upcoming astrology patterns, making predictions for future trends based on planetary movements and transits. The third segment of the weekly show features the astrology charts of famous celebrities, politicians and the infamous, studies of the birth chart of the United States of America, and analysis of Special Events. The website also archives past shows. Ron Berger and David Anton Savage use the ancient system of prediction, Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish, the astrology of India. It is over 5,000 years old and unlike Western Astrology, is based on the Sidereal Zodiac: the actual observable positions of the planets amongst the stars. The accuracy of Vedic Astrology has been well proven and its predictive techniques far exceed what is possible in Western Astrology. Knowing how your karma is unfolding will help you to negotiate with destiny and fate and find where the free will is available.

The (mis)Adventures of Donald Trump

World Events & Vedic Astrology: May 2017. Making decisions when Mercury is conjunct Uranus leads to Unintended Consequences. Trump firing FBI chief Comey has resulted in a sequence of unintended events unfavorable to Mr. Trump. Mars is transiting where it now affects multiple natal planets while the President is out of the country. Next Saturn the "Reality Check planet" will move into position to give Mr. Trump much to contend with.


Mars Transit in Gemini: May 26 – July 11

New Planetary Pattern: Mars in Gemini for 6 weeks starts May 26. The natural characteristics of Mars are not compatible with the qualities of Gemini: Mars is Aggressive; Gemini is Diplomatic. Mars is Action; Gemini is Mental. The result will be a lot of Controversy, Argument, etc. As soon as Mars enters Gemini it is opposed to Saturn. Also: New Moon in Taurus this week, lunar month of Jyeshtha, and beginning of Ramadan.


Understanding Trump: Analysis of Trump’s Vedic Astrology Chart

Analysis of Donald Trump's Vedic Astrology Chart, with Predictions for 2017. Trump's Astrology chart is unusual in many ways. He is Leo Rising with Mars planet of Combat, conjunct the Ascendant. Trump's Scorpio Full Moon is what gives him volatile emotions. His Sun is very strong in his 10th house. Mercury in Gemini is what makes him a news junkie and Twitter fan. Trump's Achilles Heel is the Saturn-Venus conjunction in his 12th house. Retrograde Saturn will be giving Trump a lot of trouble this year. The August 21 solar eclipse will be conjunct his natal Mars and Ascendant Degree, indicating some sort of crisis.


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  1. MaryAnn Decker
    MaryAnn Decker January 25, 2017 at 4:26 pm | | Reply

    If the Rahu dasha is 18 years long, does that mean that the United States will continue to be ruled by fascist dictators? Will the people just continue to be confused and elect another corrupt president along with a fanatical congress?

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