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This Week: Planetary Patterns for Passion, Idealism, Disruption, Deception

Complicated planetary patterns for the last week of September put the two main benefit planets, Venus and Jupiter, at a distinct disadvantage. Venus is opposed by Neptune; Jupiter is opposed by Uranus. The good news is that Mercury enters Virgo, which makes the planet of Rational Thinking and Analysis strong.

Rocket Man vs The Dotard; Take The Knee

Planetary patterns for late September have strongly influenced Events for the US Congress and the President. A malefic pattern involving Mars and Mercury and Neptune emphasized belligerent speech and unintended results. Trump and Kim Jong Un traded insults and threats. The Jupiter-Uranus pattern promoted Disruption due to Beliefs. Jimmy Kimmel and John McCain brought down the Republican bill to replace Obamacare.

Mars, Mercury, & Venus Come Together in Leo

Mars, Mercury and Venus are together for the 2nd half of September. Mars + Mercury = Argument. Mars + Venus = Passion. Mars and Mercury are also opposite Neptune, making Actions Unrealistic, and contaminating Rational Thinking with Fantasy, Deception, and Idealism. The New Moon in Virgo concentrates these energy patterns for the lunar month. Jupiter is opposite Uranus, providing Encouragement for Rebellion, and potential for Surprising Events in the Legal sector.

Trump versus the Washington Swamp

As foretold by the August Solar Eclipse, early September has brought many disasters: Hurricanes, Fires, and an Earthquake, as well as major Game–Changers in the political arena. The planetary pattern indicates more surprises are in store for the rest of the month.

Mercury Retrograde Ends Conjunct Mars; Preview of September

Mercury Retrograde is over Sept 5, but the problems don’t end due to Mercury staying conjunct Mars until Sept 26. Aquarius Full Moon on Sept 6 energizes what has already been a tumultuous month. Planets are affecting the USA Astrology chart as well. More changes coming in September when Venus, Jupiter, Rahu & Ketu change signs.


Eclipses Foretell Disasters: Aug Eclipse = Texas Floods & Problems for Trump

The August 21 Total Solar Eclipse predicted major events coming. On Friday Aug 25, the first Disaster arrived: Hurricane Harvey. But according to the principles of Vedic Astrology, the worst is still to come. The eclipse and subsequent transit of Mars will also have a large effect on Donald Trump during the coming weeks.


August 2017 Eclipse: Effects for Your Sign

The August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse is a signal that Change is Coming. From the house of your natal chart where the eclipse occurs, you can anticipate which sector of your life will be affected. Due to the interaction of the Mars -Retrograde Mercury conjunction with the eclipse degree in September, it is highly likely that mistaken or hasty decisions will play a large part in determining forthcoming consequences.


Mercury Opposite Neptune = Reasoning influenced by Distrust & Deception

Neptune the planet of Dreams and Fantasies has been opposite Stationary Mercury, indicating Confusion, Suspicion, Idealism overwhelming Rational Thinking. President Trump and President Kim Jong Un unnerved everyone by their taunts and threats of Armageddon. The Violence in Charlottesville was another example of the Idealism of Neptune vs the Misunderstanding of Retrograde Mercury. The pattern of Mercury opposite Neptune continues for another week.


Mercury Retrograde, August 2017: Effects for Each Sign

Mercury Retrograde begins August 12, 2017. This retrograde Mercury period has some nasty twists in it, especially near the end when Mars joins up with Mercury. Mars is more virulent than usual due to being the dispositor of Uranus and Saturn. Mars will be conjunct Mercury at the end of the Mercury Rx period, and both will be simultaneously conjunct the August 21 eclipse degree. Analysis for each Sign.


Astrology Preview of August 2017

Heads Up for some important astrology patterns in August 2017. Saturn is Stationary this month, making the planet of Restriction especially strong. The nodes, Rahu & Ketu, are also stationary just before they change signs. Mercury will begin a retrograde period on August 12. Mars is debilitated in Cancer all month. Mercury and Mars are important dispositors, and therefore control what several other planets can do.