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People In The News:Dzhokhar Tsnaraev – Jul 22 Show

Astrology Analysis for Dzhokhar Tsnaraev, the Boston Bomber

Astrology News Report Review of the Week July 22-2013

Mars + Mercury= Rash Decisions, Mercury Retrograde Causes Mistakes

Astrology News Report-Planetary Patterns and Predictions-July 22, 2013

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Gemini, Venus opposite Neptune, Full Moon in Capricorn

Review of Past Week

Mercury Retrograde with Mars and Jupiter brings Violent Events: Train Wreck  in Canada, Crash Landing at San Francisco Airport….The Edward Snowden Saga Continues… Egypt on Tilt… George Zimmerman Trial


Planets in Gemini: Sun, Venus, Jupiter, & Mercury:
Protests in Brazil, Taliban offers Talks, G-8 Summit,
Karzai Objects, Snowden Flees

People In The News

Whitey Bulger

Once the notorious leader of South Boston’s infamous Winter Hill Gang, Bulger, 83, faces a 32-count federal indictment that, among other things, links him to 19 slayings going back to the early ’70s, as well as racketeering, extortion, weapons offenses and money-laundering. But the witnessed primed to testify about murder and other charges against Bulger are more compromised than Bulger himself