Review of the Week

Rocket Man vs The Dotard; Take The Knee

Planetary patterns for late September have strongly influenced Events for the US Congress and the President. A malefic pattern involving Mars and Mercury and Neptune emphasized belligerent speech and unintended results. Trump and Kim Jong Un traded insults and threats. The Jupiter-Uranus pattern promoted Disruption due to Beliefs. Jimmy Kimmel and John McCain brought down the Republican bill to replace Obamacare.

Trump versus the Washington Swamp

As foretold by the August Solar Eclipse, early September has brought many disasters: Hurricanes, Fires, and an Earthquake, as well as major Game–Changers in the political arena. The planetary pattern indicates more surprises are in store for the rest of the month.

Eclipses Foretell Disasters: Aug Eclipse = Texas Floods & Problems for Trump

The August 21 Total Solar Eclipse predicted major events coming. On Friday Aug 25, the first Disaster arrived: Hurricane Harvey. But according to the principles of Vedic Astrology, the worst is still to come. The eclipse and subsequent transit of Mars will also have a large effect on Donald Trump during the coming weeks.


Mercury Opposite Neptune = Reasoning influenced by Distrust & Deception

Neptune the planet of Dreams and Fantasies has been opposite Stationary Mercury, indicating Confusion, Suspicion, Idealism overwhelming Rational Thinking. President Trump and President Kim Jong Un unnerved everyone by their taunts and threats of Armageddon. The Violence in Charlottesville was another example of the Idealism of Neptune vs the Misunderstanding of Retrograde Mercury. The pattern of Mercury opposite Neptune continues for another week.


Mars Debilitated = Conflict & Controversy

Mars planet of Action and Conflict manifests as week of Drama in DC. Saturn, planet of Status Quo, and Uranus planet of Rebels, afflicts the chart of Voting to repeal Obamacare. More Controversy and Conflict and Turnover in the White House when Trump hires a new gunman, who is himself soon ousted. Trump disparages AG Jeff Sessions. Trump’s own astrology chart shows that he is under tremendous pressure in August.


Follow The Money

Astrology Analysis of recent developments in the Trump-Russia affair. Astrology Chart of Donald Jr’s meeting points towards a suspicious financial connection with Russian Oligarchs. Analysis of Trump Sr’s chart shows connections between Investments and Clandestine Actions with other people’s money.
The Senate returns from Recess, but Mars with Mercury stops McConnell from getting enough votes to pass GOP Health Care Act.


Donnie and Vlad in Hamburg: a Love Story

Vedic Astrology interpretation of World Events: July 9, 2017. Astrology analysis of Donald Trump meeting Vladimir Putin. The chart of the meeting indicates the nature of what transpired. Mars transiting in the USA chart’s 7th house of Partner Countries prevented any major agreement between the USA and Partner Countries.


Mercury conjunct Mars =GOP Health Care Bill Goes Down

Planetary pattern of Mars conjunct Mercury indicates doom for the GOP Health Care Bill. Mars is planet of Combat; Mercury is planet of Voting. Mars planet of Attack + Mercury planet of The Media =Attack by the Media. Jupiter planet of Truth and Justice is strong this month, and transits in the 10th house of the USA chart =The Leadership affected by planet of Law: Trump administration “lawyers-up” to defend against Russia Probe.


Saturn in Trouble = Breakdown of Established Order

Astrology analysis of Current Events, June 11, 2017. Saturn the planet of Established Order is vulnerable, leading to Instability of Societal Structures. James Comey testifies before Senate Intel Committee. Qatar put under heavy sanctions by Arab neighbors. British Elections lead to Conservative party weakening its grasp on power. Mars transit threatens to unhinge Trump in coming weeks.


Venus + Uranus = Damage to US International Relationships

Venus planet of Agreement + Uranus planet of Rebellion is bad for Treaties and Friendships; Mars in Gemini is bad for Consensus. Trump withdraws US from Paris Climate Accord and damages US reputation. Mars afflicting Trump’s natal chart shows affects on his advisors this week: Comey Testimony will damage Flynn, Kushner, Sessions, etc. Venus conjunct Uranus =Entertainment + Shocking: Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Wonder Woman.