Review of the Week

Jupiter planet of Truth & Ethics, Under Attack by Mars

Planetary Patterns & World Events for February 2017. Mars the planet of Aggression and Controversy teams up with Uranus, planet of the Unconventional and Unexpected, and both oppose Jupiter, planet of Law and Ethics. This made for some surprising events in the Law and Ethics department last week. The Trump Administration ran afoul of the Federal Courts due to the president’s Immigration Order. Simultaneously, Ethical Questions have been raised by the president’s involvement with first daughter Ivanka’s business dealings with apparel retailers who dropped her fashion products.


Buckle Up: It’s Going to Get Crazier in February

Planetary Patterns & World Events: February 2017 emphasizes the conflict of Uranus, planet of Rebellion, versus Jupiter, planet of Truth and Law. President Trump throws down the gauntlet against Muslim refugees and the nation erupts. President Trump’s Astrology Chart is strongly affected by the transit of Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars. The Astrology Chart of the USA is also affected. The planetary pattern intensifies as the month continues.


First Day of President Trump … Now What?

Astrology and World Events: January 2017. Trump Becomes President, and the World Erupts. Within 24 hours, the Women’s March sets the record for largest US mass demonstration in recent history. The First Press Briefing is extremely unusual. Trump lashes out at the press. Vedic Astrology analysis of the USA chart confirms that this will not be business as usual.


Astrology Chart for Trump Inauguration

A special report on the Birth Chart of the Trump Administration, based on the time of taking the Oath of Office. The chart features the 12th house of Hidden Activities, the 8th house of Secrets & Investigations, and the 9th house of Laws and Ethics.


Adding Alligators to the Swamp; From Russia with Love

Planetary Patterns in Donald Trump’s Vedic Astrology Chart explain the motivation for his actions. Planetary Patterns in the USA Astrology Chart show some interesting correspondence with Mr. Trump’s chart, indicating predisposition towards Secret Actions and Scandals.


Donald Trump’s Vedic Astrology Chart: Quick Tour & some Predictions

Analysis of Donald Trump via Vedic Astrology. The President-Elect has a very unusual astrology chart. Leo Rising is the sign of The King. Mars in Ascendant makes him Combative. Full Moon in Scorpio makes him Super-Intuitive with Overwhelming Emotions.Trump was born on the day of a Total Lunar Eclipse. His Venus-Saturn conjunction is what made him an Entertainer for The Masses. Trump is now in his Jupiter Major Period. Analysis of his natal Jupiter shows it is both boon & bane for his life. Upcoming transiting planets predict a rough December & January for Mr. Trump..


Election Post-Mortem: Why Did Trump Win?

Astrology Analysis of US Presidential Election: Why did so many predict it wrong? An analysis limited to considering the astrology charts of the two contenders leaves out a crucial third factor. The 3rd factor in elections is The Public. Conditions in the USA Vedic Astrology Chart demonstrate why Trump won.


Election Day Analysis & Predictions

Planetary Patterns & Predictions for Nov 8, 2016. The birth chart of Voting Day has some interesting astrology patterns, which help foretell the results. The planets are affecting each of the candidates as well. Transiting benefic planets conjoin with natal planets in Hillary Clinton’s astrology chart. Transiting malefic planets strongly affect Donald Trump’s birth chart.


Astrology Predictions: 3rd Presidential Debate

Astrology Analysis & Prediction for 3rd Presidential Debate, Oct 19, 2016. Similar to Debate #2: Mars, planet of Combat, is the ruler of the chart, placed in 9th house: the Chart of the Debate shows there is an emphasis on Morals and Ethics. But this time Mars is exactly conjunct Pluto, indicating even more Intensity. Also: Mercury, planet of Facts & The Media, is exactly opposite Uranus, planet of Unexpected Events. This debate could very well be a Game-Changer.


Astrology Prediction for Presidential Debate #2

Astrology Analysis & Prediction for 2nd Presidential Debate, Oct 9, 2016. Mars, planet of Combat, is the ruler of the chart. The Chart of the Debate shows there is an emphasis on Morals and Ethics. The effects of the planets on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be similar to the last debate, but even more intense.