Upcoming Planetary Positions and Predictions

Planetary Patterns & Predictions(Mars opposite Neptune)

Mars opposite Neptune =Irrational Actions, Mars in USA 9th house Vs. Neptune in USA 3rd House =Public Confused About New Obamacare Law, Full Moon on October 18 is a Lunar Eclipse, Venus Transiting in Scorpio is Bad for Venus Significations.

Planetary Patterns & Predictions(Venus enters Scorpio)

Venus enters Scorpio, Effects of Venus in Scorpio, Mars enters Leo, Effects of Mars in Leo, New Moon in Virgo, Month of Asvina, Mercury conjunct Rahu, Effects of Mercury conjunct Rahu

Patterns and Predictions (Mercury enters Libra Septemper 24)

Mercury enters Libra Sept 24, Mercury with Rahu, Mercury with Saturn, Mars exactly Square Venus Sept 27, Jupiter Trine Venus, Venus +Mercury +Saturn + Rahu in USA 11th house = Problems in Congress, USA enters Venus Sub-period

Planetary Patterns & Predictions (Sun enters Virgo and joins with Mercury)

Sun enters Virgo and joins with Mercury.
Sun = Authority, Mercury = Communication
Pronouncements from Leaders.
Sun = Leader, Mercury = Minister
Advice from Ministers.
Secretary of State John Kerry Advises President Obama.

Mercury Exactly Opposite Uranus on September 16.
Planet of Communications and Media Influenced by the planet of Sudden, Unexpected Events.
Unusual and Dramatic Events Coming This Week.

Venus, Rahu, and Saturn Exactly Conjunct on September 18.
Unusual Events for Venus Significations.
Putin as the PeaceMaker.

Full Moon on September 19.
Culmination of the Lunar Month Bhadrapada.
Potential for Dramatic, Destructive Events.

Planetary Patterns & Predictions(Mercury opposite Uranus)

Mercury opposite Uranus, Venus enters Libra, Mars Square Saturn

Planetary Patterns & Predictions for September 1, 2013

New Moon in Leo, Mmonth of Bhadrapada, Venus enters Libra, Mercury enters Virgo, Mars Square Saturn

Planetary Patterns and Predictions -August 26, 2013

Mars Square Saturn, Venus and Mars Debilitated, Mercury & Sun Opposite Neptune

Patterns & Predictions August-19,2013

Full Moon in Aquarius, Mercury enters Leo, Mars Square to Saturn & Rahu

Planetary Patterns and Predictions August 12, 2013

Sun Opposite Neptune, Mars Enters Cancer, Mars Squares Saturn & Rahu, Venus and Mars Debilitated

Planetary Patterns & Predictions for August 5, 2013

New Moon in Cancer, Venus enters Leo, The Venus Sub-period of the USA