Upcoming Planetary Positions and Predictions

New Patterns in the Zodiac for 2nd Half of July

New Patterns in the Zodiac for end of July 2017: Mars with Mercury is not good for Rational Discussion, leading to Media Fights. Uranus is Square to Mars indicating strong potential for Violence. Mercury leaves Mars when it enters Leo on July 20. Mercury combines with Rahu, which distorts Mercury’s significations. The New Moon is born in conjunction with Mars, indicating even more Conflict and Controversy for the coming lunar month.


Mercury Separates From Mars; an Intense Full Moon

Astrology pattern for early July, 2017. Mercury changes signs, entering Cancer. Mercury separates from Mars, but only for a week: Mars enters Cancer on July 11, again joining Mercury. Mars is debilitated in Cancer. Mars in Cancer has important effects on Astrology Chart of Donald Trump. The Full Moon on July 8 will be conjunct Pluto and opposed by Mars, indicating high energy for Destruction and Rejuvenation.


Mercury joins Mars in Gemini =Contentious Communications

New planetary patterns for the end of June 2017. Mercury enters Gemini and joins Mars. This is not a good combination for Rational Thinking, Making Decisions, etc. Saturn retrogrades into Scorpio, a rather malefic combination that will cause problems for the next few months. Donald Trump’s astrology chart is heavily affected by Saturn in Scorpio. This month’s Gemini New Moon will further boost the energy of the Mars-Mercury conjunction.


New Planet Positions & Analysis for Venus, Mercury, Mars for June 2017

New planetary pattern in the zodiac for June 2017. Venus in Aries is planet of Love in the sign of Adventure. Venus conjunct Uranus =Unusual Romance. Mercury in Taurus is good for Business Dealings. Mars in Gemini is not a good fit: the planet of Aggression in the sign of Diplomacy; analysis of Mars in Gemini for each Rising Sign Chart.


Mars Transit in Gemini: May 26 – July 11

New Planetary Pattern: Mars in Gemini for 6 weeks starts May 26. The natural characteristics of Mars are not compatible with the qualities of Gemini: Mars is Aggressive; Gemini is Diplomatic. Mars is Action; Gemini is Mental. The result will be a lot of Controversy, Argument, etc. As soon as Mars enters Gemini it is opposed to Saturn. Also: New Moon in Taurus this week, lunar month of Jyeshtha, and beginning of Ramadan.


Planetary Patterns for New Ideas, and Too Much Fun

Planetary Patterns and Predictions for mid-May 2017: Mercury conjunct Uranus is great for Inspired Thinking, but also indicates New Shocking News. Venus opposite Retrograde Jupiter signifies Optimistic Romance and is good for Wise Advice, but also indicates potential for Excess Indulgence. Retrograde Jupiter indicates Finding Truth in The Past. The Full Moon is in Libra on May 10, and not afflicted by other planets.


Retrograde Mercury conjunct Uranus Heads for the Finale

Planetary Patterns & Predictions for end of April 2017. Retrograde Mercury conjunct Uranus brings Unusual events this week & next. Uranus + Mercury promotes Radical Ideas. The New Moon in Aries on April 26 combines with Retrograde Mercury. Venus retrograde is over; Venus is exalted in Pisces and promises improved conditions in May.


Mercury Retrograde Begins April 9: Analysis for Each Sign

Mercury is Retrograde in sidereal Aries from Apr 9 – May 3. This Mercury Retrograde period will be crazier than usual because Mercury is conjunct Uranus. Analysis of Effects of Mercury Retrograde with Uranus for each Rising sign. Also this week: Full Moon conjunct Retrograde Jupiter, and Mars enters sidereal Taurus.


New Patterns for April: Uranus enters Aries, Mercury Retrograde, Saturn Square Venus

Important new planetary patterns in the zodiac for April 2017. Uranus changes signs, entering Aries. The planet of Freedom will be in the sign of Independence for 7 years. Mercury begins a retrograde period on April 9, also in Aries. Uranus and Retrograde Mercury will be conjunct in late April, indicating Alarming News Reports. Saturn also goes retrograde this month, making a total of 4 retrograde planets for April. Saturn is in exact square aspect with Venus for most of April, causing problems for Venus significations.


Searching for Truth: Facts Vs Ideology for Two Weeks

Planetary Patterns & Analysis, March 2017. Mercury is opposite Retrograde Jupiter, while the planets are in each other’s signs. Mercury is in Pisces, its debilitation sign. Jupiter’s Beliefs influence Mercury’s Facts. Mercury combines with Retrograde Venus, creating Doubt about Value. Uranus planet of Realization, is opposite Jupiter planet of Truth. Meanwhile, Mars in Aries is Impatient for Results.