Special Reports

What are Hillary’s Chances for 2016? An Astrological Analysis

Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Vedic Astrology Chart & Predictions for her to become president in 2016 election. Ms. Clinton is Libra Rising, the sign of the Idealist. She has strong planetary patterns in her chart. Clinton is now in her Sun Major Period. This gives her the strength and karma to achieve her Goals.


Important New Planetary Pattern for May

Planetary Patterns & Predictions for May 2015. New pattern emerges in the Zodiac this week: Mercury enters Taurus, Venus enters Gemini, Mars enters Taurus. Mercury and Mars will be opposite to Saturn. Venus will be in Parivatana yoga with Mercury. The emphasis is on Taurus qualities of getting Value for any Action. But then everything gets messed up when Mercury goes Retrograde..


British Election 2015: Astrology Analysis & Predictions

Vedic Astrology Analysis of 2015 British Election. Astrology of David Cameron versus Ed Miliband. Both charts are strong, but Mr. Cameron has a problem. Astrology chart & Analysis of the day of the British election reveals that The People vote for Change.


Religious Bigotry Laws in USA, and Preview of British Elections

Astrology Analysis of Current Events: March 29 -April 5, 2015. Mars in Aries with Venus is planet of Action plus planet of Agreement: Negotiators of Iran nuclear talks have a Deal. USA Astrology: Sun Sub-period activates 9th house of Religion, Morals, and Laws: Indiana & Arkansas enact Religious Freedom Laws, aka Religious Bigotry Enabling Act. British Elections get started with “Leaders Debate.” Analysis & Predictions base on Astrology Chart of May 7, 2015 British Elections.

Final Week of Mercury Retrograde Media Events

World Events & Astrology: Feb 1 -8, 2015. Mercury still Retrograde opposite retrograde Jupiter =many Media Events. ISIS releases video of Execution of Jordanian Pilot. Measles outbreak in USA. FCC announces Net Neutrality. Anthem Health Insurance files Hacked. President Obama speech at Prayer Breakfast gets Misinterpreted. Brian Williams gets tripped up by his own reporting.

Overview of Planetary Patterns & Predictions for 2015

Special Report on Planetary Patterns for 2015. Important events in the zodiac, potential events, & forecast for this year. Conjunction of Uranus, Ketu, & Mars in February-March. Mercury retrograde period with Mars in May-June. Jupiter enters Leo in July. Venus goes Retrograde end of July until early September. Jupiter, Venus & Mars conjunct in October. Venus debilitated & conjunct Mars in November. Probable outcomes & example charts.


Vedic Astrology Predictions for the USA for 2015

Vedic Astrology Predictions for the USA in 2015. Details of analysis of Major period & Sub-periods. Sun Sub-period Nov 2014 -Apr 2015. Moon Sub-period Apr -Nov 2015. Effects of major transits. Saturn transits 12th house, Jupiter in 8th, Rahu in 10th, Ketu & Uranus in 4th.


Midterm Elections: Astrology Predictions

A look at the November 2014 Elections, seen through the lens of Vedic Astrology. Transits to the USA Natal Chart. Analysis of the Birth Chart of the Election, Nov 4, 2014, 7:00 am, Washington DC.

Conspiracies, Fear & Loathing: Mars in Scorpio for the USA

We analyze the transit of Mars in Scorpio for the USA. Mars is transiting through the USA 12th house Sept 4 -Oct 18 =Conspiracies, Secret Activities, Punishment, Mob Psychology, Epidemics

The Astrology of Robin Williams

We analyze the Astrology Chart of Robin Williams, much beloved comic & actor, who died last week. As one would expect, the chart has several exceptional planetary combinations: Venus is exactly conjunct Ketu, Mars is exactly conjunct Uranus, his Moon is exactly conjunct Rahu. Unfortunately, some of the same planetary combinations that gave him such talent, brought him problems as well.