Special Reports

Saturn’s Transit in Sagittarius: Oct 2017 -Jan 2020: Effects for Each Sign

Saturn transits into sidereal Sagittarius on Oct 26, 2017 and remains until January 2020. Saturn’s significations combine with the meanings of Sagittarius, a combination that promotes Strong Belief in One’s Own Truth, as well as Optimism for Accomplishment. Saturn adds Responsibilities and Burdens as well as slowing down the activities of the house of your personal chart where it transits. Saturn is the Reality Check Planet. Saturn indicates Hard Work leading to Eventual Accomplishment: Analysis for Each Rising Sign Chart.


Jupiter enters Libra Sept 2017: Predictions for Each Sign

Jupiter transits into sidereal Libra on Sept 11, 2017 and remains for a year. Jupiter’s significations combine with the meanings of Libra, a combination that promotes Equality, Idealism, and Zealots. Jupiter helps and encourages the significations of the house of your personal chart where it transits: Analysis for Each Rising Sign Chart.

Predictions Based on the August 2017 Solar Eclipse

Vedic Astrology Predictions for August 21, 2017 Eclipse. An eclipse signifies an Important Change is coming. The Event occurs when a planet subsequently interacts with the eclipse point. For the August eclipse, Mars and Retrograde Mercury will combine with the Eclipse Point in early September. The Solar Eclipse also interacts strongly with Donald Trump’s Astrology Chart, indicating a major event in his life.


Understanding Trump: Analysis of Trump’s Vedic Astrology Chart

Analysis of Donald Trump’s Vedic Astrology Chart, with Predictions for 2017. Trump’s Astrology chart is unusual in many ways. He is Leo Rising with Mars planet of Combat, conjunct the Ascendant. Trump’s Scorpio Full Moon is what gives him volatile emotions. His Sun is very strong in his 10th house. Mercury in Gemini is what makes him a news junkie and Twitter fan. Trump’s Achilles Heel is the Saturn-Venus conjunction in his 12th house. Retrograde Saturn will be giving Trump a lot of trouble this year. The August 21 solar eclipse will be conjunct his natal Mars and Ascendant Degree, indicating some sort of crisis.


2017 Chaitra New Year: Predictions for World Events

The Chaitra New Moon Chart is used to predict for World Events for the coming year for Nations. Predictions for USA, China, Russia and India, for 2017. This year’s Chaitra New Moon puts emphasis on the significations of Retrograde Venus


Predictions for USA for 2017

Analysis and Predictions for the United States for 2017. The US is in a Rahu Major Period, which highlights the significations of Rahu and its placement in the 8th house. The transit positions of Saturn, Jupiter and the Nodes, as well as Uranus and Neptune, promise a rather bumpy ride for the US in 2017.


Mercury Retrograde begins Dec 19: Analysis for Each Rising Sign

The last Mercury Retrograde Period of 2016 begins on Dec 19 and continues until Jan 7. Mercury is Retrograde in Sagittarius, and simultaneously in a yoga with Jupiter in Virgo. The result will be a conflict between Facts and Beliefs, along with the usual Mercury Rx problems. Analysis for Each Rising Sign Chart. Also: Uranus is exactly opposite Jupiter, and the Winter Solstice is on Dec 21.


Mars in Capricorn: Results for Each Sign

Planetary Pattern for November: Mars will be in Capricorn from Oct 31 – Dec 11, 2016. This can be a useful energy pattern for getting things done because Mars is exalted in Capricorn and supported by Saturn. Analysis of Mars transit in Capricorn for each sign.

Astrology Analysis of First Presidential Debate

Vedic Astrology analysis of First Presidential Debate. The “birth chart” of an event is the time of the beginning of the event, here analyzed for potential outcomes. Predictions of results for Hillary Clinton and for Donald Trump shown by how the current planetary transits are affecting each of their natal astrology charts.


Mars in Sagittarius: Effects on Your Sign

Planetary Patterns & Predictions for September-October 2016. Mars planet of Energy, Action, & Aggression in Sagittarius, sign of Independence, Willfulness, Passion, is a strong pattern for effects. Analysis of Mars in Sagittarius for each zodiacal Rising Sign. Also: Mercury Retrograde ends this week, but Mercury is conjunct Rahu; and it’s the Autumnal Equinox.