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All The President’s Men: The Indictments

The Trump Russia Affair moves to another stage with the unsealing of Indictments charging campaign personnel. The surprise was the guilty plea of George Papadopoulos. The Astrology Chart analysis of the time of the indictments gives some clues. An Update on Trump’s Astrology Chart shows Trump’s children could be next.

Venus with Jupiter = Young Women + The Truth

Planetary Patterns for mid-November 2017. Venus conjunct Jupiter =Romance + Opportunity, but has other significations as well: Venus is Young Females; Jupiter is Truth and Morality. Scorpio New Moon on Nov 18 and Mercury yoga with Mars will continue to emphasize Investigations. Mars Square to Pluto threatens large scale violent events.


New Planetary Pattern forms for November 2017

Mercury and Venus change signs at the beginning of the month. Mercury enters Scorpio and forms Parivartana Yoga with Mars in Virgo, indicating a month of Facts & Investigations. Venus enters Libra and joins up with Jupiter for most of November. Full Moon in sidereal Aries on Nov 3 lines up with Uranus-Venus opposition. Saturn now transits in the USA Astrology Chart Ascendant while Mars transits in 10th House of Leadership.

Saturn’s Transit in Sagittarius: Oct 2017 -Jan 2020: Effects for Each Sign

Saturn transits into sidereal Sagittarius on Oct 26, 2017 and remains until January 2020. Saturn’s significations combine with the meanings of Sagittarius, a combination that promotes Strong Belief in One’s Own Truth, as well as Optimism for Accomplishment. Saturn adds Responsibilities and Burdens as well as slowing down the activities of the house of your personal chart where it transits. Saturn is the Reality Check Planet. Saturn indicates Hard Work leading to Eventual Accomplishment: Analysis for Each Rising Sign Chart.


New Planetary Patterns for 2nd Half of October, 2017

Important new patterns in the zodiac for 2nd half of October. Mars is conjunct Venus in Virgo. Forceful Mars overwhelms Venus =Agreement hard to achieve. Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Libra. Mercury planet of Facts is contaminated by Jupiter planet of Beliefs & Ideology. Mercury and Jupiter are also opposite Uranus, planet of Realization. The New Moon is exactly opposite Uranus, and simultaneously conjunct Mercury & Jupiter.


Las Vegas Massacre: Astrology Analysis of Stephen Paddock

Astrology details of the powerful planetary patterns and the chart of the diabolical mind of Stephen Paddock that resulted in a mass shooting in Las Vegas. Mr. Paddock is Gemini rising in Vedic Astrology, with troubling combinations in his chart. Also: Mr. Trump goes to Puerto Rico, and disparages the suffering of the people there. New information on Russian ads on Facebook and Twitter point to unwitting collaboration in deluding the Voting Public.

This Week: Planetary Patterns for Passion, Idealism, Disruption, Deception

Complicated planetary patterns for the last week of September put the two main benefit planets, Venus and Jupiter, at a distinct disadvantage. Venus is opposed by Neptune; Jupiter is opposed by Uranus. The good news is that Mercury enters Virgo, which makes the planet of Rational Thinking and Analysis strong.

Powerful Planet Combinations for First Half of October, 2017

The first 2 weeks of October 2017 have intense planetary patterns. Mars is conjunct Venus, indicating Excitement, Passion, Argument, Forced Situations. Mars square Saturn is a combination that will lead to Tension, Stress, and potential Crisis. The Mars-Saturn square has a major impact on Donald Trump. The Full Moon is on Oct 5 in sidereal Pisces, and directly opposite Mercury.

Rocket Man vs The Dotard; Take The Knee

Planetary patterns for late September have strongly influenced Events for the US Congress and the President. A malefic pattern involving Mars and Mercury and Neptune emphasized belligerent speech and unintended results. Trump and Kim Jong Un traded insults and threats. The Jupiter-Uranus pattern promoted Disruption due to Beliefs. Jimmy Kimmel and John McCain brought down the Republican bill to replace Obamacare.

Mars, Mercury, & Venus Come Together in Leo

Mars, Mercury and Venus are together for the 2nd half of September. Mars + Mercury = Argument. Mars + Venus = Passion. Mars and Mercury are also opposite Neptune, making Actions Unrealistic, and contaminating Rational Thinking with Fantasy, Deception, and Idealism. The New Moon in Virgo concentrates these energy patterns for the lunar month. Jupiter is opposite Uranus, providing Encouragement for Rebellion, and potential for Surprising Events in the Legal sector.