Review of the Week

Review of the Week (Jupiter in Gemini)

Jupiter in Gemini =Big Ideas and Big Talk.
Russia & Syria embrace John Kerry’s solution to Chemical Weapons.
Clarlie Rose and Bashar Al Assad.
Vladimir Putin’s Article in New York Times.

Mars in Cancer and Square Saturn = Distruction by Water.
Colorado Floods.
Boardwalk Destroyed in Seaside, New Jersey.

Mercury Opposite Uranus = Unusual Communication
Man Confesses to Killing on YouTube.
Miley Cyrus Naked Wreaking Ball Video.
Iranian Cabinet Members are on Facebook.

Review of Past Week, September-09-2013

Jupiter in Gemini, To Bomb or Not to Bomb, Saturn + Rahu + Venus in Libra, Fairness for Gays in Military

Review of the Week for September 1, 2013

Sun Opposite Neptune. Obama’s Dilemma. Saturn + Rahu in Libra, Fairness for Same Sex Couples,
Venus + Uranus = Kinky Celebrities

Review of the Week -August 26, 2013

Saturn conjunct Rahu, Stop & Frisk in NYC, Syria Massacre, Venus Debilitated, Bradley Manning

Review of Past Week August 19 2013

Massacre in Egypt, Rahu + Saturn, NSA Investigation,
venus Debilitated

Review of the Week August 12 2013

Saturn + Rahu =Change to the Establishment, Mars in USA 7th house, Mars Major Period of USA

Review of the Week, August 5, 2013

Edward Snowden gets Asylum in Russia, Obama vs. Putin, Jupiter and Mars

Review of the Week- July 29-2013

Jupiter + Mars= Turmoil Due to Beliefs, Mars + Mercury = Risky Behavior: Train Crash, Obama’s Speech, Anthony Weiner’s Confession

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Review of Past Week, July 22, 2013

Mercury Retrograde with Mars and Jupiter brings Violent Events: Train Wreck in Canada, Crash Landing at San Francisco Airport….The Edward Snowden Saga Continues… Egypt on Tilt… George Zimmerman Trial

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Astrology News Report Review of the Week July 22-2013

Mars + Mercury= Rash Decisions, Mercury Retrograde Causes Mistakes