Review of the Week

Saturn in Trouble = Breakdown of Established Order

Astrology analysis of Current Events, June 11, 2017. Saturn the planet of Established Order is vulnerable, leading to Instability of Societal Structures. James Comey testifies before Senate Intel Committee. Qatar put under heavy sanctions by Arab neighbors. British Elections lead to Conservative party weakening its grasp on power. Mars transit threatens to unhinge Trump in coming weeks.


Venus + Uranus = Damage to US International Relationships

Venus planet of Agreement + Uranus planet of Rebellion is bad for Treaties and Friendships; Mars in Gemini is bad for Consensus. Trump withdraws US from Paris Climate Accord and damages US reputation. Mars afflicting Trump’s natal chart shows affects on his advisors this week: Comey Testimony will damage Flynn, Kushner, Sessions, etc. Venus conjunct Uranus =Entertainment + Shocking: Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Wonder Woman.


The (mis)Adventures of Donald Trump

World Events & Vedic Astrology: May 2017. Making decisions when Mercury is conjunct Uranus leads to Unintended Consequences. Trump firing FBI chief Comey has resulted in a sequence of unintended events unfavorable to Mr. Trump. Mars is transiting where it now affects multiple natal planets while the President is out of the country. Next Saturn the “Reality Check planet” will move into position to give Mr. Trump much to contend with.


Bad Smell Getting Worse; Where’s the Truth?

Events of early May prove the interpretation of Mercury + Uranus =Unexpected News: Trump Fired James Comey, head of the FBI. Analysis of Donald Trump’s astrology chart shows where this could go next. Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo = Finding Truth by Analyzing the Past. The Senate Committees investigating Mike Flynn and Russia-Gate will be turning up more information during the coming weeks. Mercury is Data; Uranus is Rebels and Disruption: a Huge computer hack has shut down organizations worldwide. Mercury starts to separate from Uranus next week.


How Mercury Retrograde +Uranus Changes Trump’s Thinking

President Trump Flip-Flopped in several areas last week. The explanation is found in Retrograde Mercury joining with Uranus in Aries, the 9th house of Beliefs in Trump’s Astrology Chart. Russia is Out; China is In. Venus planet of Advice is being influenced by Saturn planet of Harsh Reality. Analysis of what to expect from new SCOTUS Justice Gorsuch, based on the Astrology Chart of his Taking Oath of Office.


Uranus Enters Aries & Trump Bombs Syria

Uranus entering sidereal Aries set up a combination for strong Sudden Action last week: Trump bombed a Syrian air force base. Simultaneously, Trump met with President Xi JinPing, but nothing happened. Saturn, the Reality Check planet, was holding back Venus, planet of Compromise and Agreement.


Astrology Analysis of Republicans’ Defeat and Realization

Vedic Astrology and US Politics: March 2017. The Republicans took a big hit last week; here’s an astrology analysis of what happened. The Trump-Russia connection continues to grow legs, especially after FBI chief admitted publicly that an investigation is in progress. Ivanka Trump gets here own office in the white house; here’s her astrology chart.


Venus Retrograde is Not Good for Budgets, Compromise, or Getting Advice

The results of the Venus Retrograde period have been obvious from last week’s news. Trump’s budget is DOA. The Republican Health Care Plan is DOA. There’s not much hope of getting anything done until Venus returns to normal motion in the zodiac in April. The Wiretap scandal turns out to be sourced from Trump watching FOX news. Trump’s own chart indicates he suffers from Delusional Beliefs and Paranoia.


Trump Paranoia, Scandal, and The New Normal

Another week of Chaos for Donald Trump. The Jeff Sessions perjury scandal shows again the weakness of the Astrology birth chart of the Trump Administration. Analysis of President Trump’s natal Astrology chart indicates that his own Advisers are his Enemies, and will bring him down in the end.


The Trump Dilemma: Secrecy, Betrayal, Revenge

Planetary Patterns are affecting President Trump and his Administration in a negative way during February 2017. Mr. Trump tried to regain control of the narrative by giving an extended solo news conference. As shown by the planets’ positions affecting his natal chart, this was not the best course of action at this time. Jupiter retrograde in Virgo indicates that more details on the Russian connection are likely. The birth chart of the administration shows that Trump & Co. is plagued by inherent weakness and a predilection towards secrecy, which leads to scandal & humiliation.